Photo taken by my awesome husband. 

Photo taken by my awesome husband. 


I don't feel like my work is about me, as much as it's about what you share with me. I've been taking pictures since I was a kiddo, and I still love it. Here's a few basic things:


Who: I'm a music, love and fine art photographer, artist, and teacher who's based in Parkersburg, WV. 

What: More than anything, I love photographing the moments and spaces where we feel free. I'm drawn to people who break out of stereotypes and those who love with their whole heart (and with dry humor). I always look for light where it is-in nature, and in people. And I contribute to a local magazine (Clutch MOV) and teach different art techniques, locally and nationally.

When: I photograph portraits, documentaries, weddings and live music throughout the year. I teach art technique classes 3-4 times a year. And I usually contribute to 2-3 stories a month, for Clutch MOV. Keep up to date on what's happening on my Facebook pages and Instagram, if you'd like. Please consider this your friend request.

Where: Only about half of my people (love and music) commissions are local (in the Ohio/West Virginia area). The other half happen all over the place. I'm always happy to travel to you. And my art ships internationally, too. 

Why: You want imagery that feels like the "you" that your friends see. You like artwork that feels like home. You want to work with a photographer who enjoys trying new ideas, making your art personable, and helping you create a relaxed, comfortable space where you can be seen.