A Favorite Experiment

A short while ago, a pretty great person asked if I ever transferred images to metal. I hadn't had much experience with that, yet…but I really loved the idea. She wanted to transfer some images I'd taken of her family, and fuse them onto sheet metal. How awesome! So I went right out and bought a stack of sheet metal…

And I was hooked. The way the metal and texture shines through the image, there's nothing quite like it, with any other process I've tried, so far. This inspired me to make a coupla more pieces with my remaining scrap, for my newly installed solo show:

The show is now ready to see, and will be on display (at Washington State of Marietta, OH, through the Evergreen Arts& Humanities Series) until May…and there will be an artist's reception and talk/Q&A on Saturday, April 11th. Stop by any time between now and then, and/or come by in April to say "hello". 

In the meantime, I'll be posting more show details and images of my work…though I humbly think it's better to see them in person.