New Goodies!

Yesterday, I posted a Facebook teaser of some of the new glass bottle/vial jewelry I'll be premiering at the Seek the Light Expo, this coming weekend, in Akron, Ohio. I transferred a few of my favorite images onto glass…

And I also made a few more journals…and these cute wooden charms, too. 

I only made a handful of each (pretty much what you see in the pictures), just to test the Waters (haha). But if they sell well, I'll be making more for some other festivals I'll be vending in, this year (schedule soon to follow). 

I've also made a few new, smallish art pieces (of my rust heartbeat, tree wings, odd brick out, alien landing grass, and thawing forests) for this weekend, created mostly with some of the images I've posted on Instagram over the past few months-but I'm still painting/finishing those. More updates from the expo, this weekend. Or come see me in person! Free hugs. :) 

If you're interested in pricing info for any of the new goodies, please drop me an email