Unplug to Connect, and Take Good Notes

I'm happy about this coming weekend. It sounds kind of confusing to explain, but this Friday-Saturday (sundown to sundown) is The National Day of Unplugging. It's "A modern spin on the ancient notion of a day of rest". So, you unplug your computers, phones, devices and stuff, and just talk to live people, interact, hold hands, eat together, laugh, hug. In person. 

I like the idea of committing to  interpersonal focus for 24 full hours, to do activities that we can't necessarily find online, on our devices, and be "forced" to connect with the people around us. To use all 5 of our senses and take livin' in. Some of my favorite memories were the simplest things-walks with my mom and sister, sewing and making art with my mom, puzzle and game nights, cooking, playing dress up, laying in the grass, watching the clouds, the stars…laughing...

I've been reading some stories recently, about how people think there's more to the "problem" that escaping technology for a day, just to return back to it, "tomorrow". I get that. I'm not endorsing unplugging as an escape route, and then all is fixed. 

This day is a tricky concept for me, because sometimes I think I need to be reached, to reach out myself, and to be connected. To take a day to avoid technology even seems almost negligent in today's tech age. But as I find myself being asked repeatedly by my 3 year old (or my husband or pup) to please play with her (them), when I'm "just sending one more message" and then "just checking one more", I have to wonder if maybe I'm a little out of balance. Do I really need to be that tapped in, all of the time?

So for that, I like this idea. I like that, maybe by making a conscious decision to focus on the people I love, in-person, with no plans on checking my onlines or my connects, and only talking, playing and listening, maybe it will stoke the fire I already have for my family and friends, reminding me just how much I love being able to share the gifts of full attention and time.

*Now, this may sound counteractive, but as part of this coming weekend, I'd love to be there to document one family's/person's day of unplugging/connecting, to make an actual, tangible record of how you connect with the people around you, so you can continue to remember what it feels like to be fully present and connected. I have plans with my family all night on Friday, and Saturday afternoon…but I can be all yours on Saturday morning, for up to 4 hours, from 8am to noon-ish. I'd bring my camera to document the way you love, create, interact and enjoy the sweet life you have, and then I'll make a really cool documentary, printed book about your morning/story, printed by Artifact Uprising  (the people who are "Inspired by the Disappearing Beauty of the Tangible")-So good. All for 250 down, 225, two weeks later (when the album design is sent off to print). And I'll give you the edited files, too, plus a digital copy of your album design (in addition to the printed copy of the album). Just one family/person/story. Just this Saturday (at this special price). Will it be you? 

Drop me an email.

And in the meantime, if you're not sure what this might look like, here's a recent documentary I did for the Tanner Family. I got to be there for their weekly family brunch, and I loved every waking minute of it: