Do I Photograph Weddings/Union Ceremonies/Vow Renewals/Other Lovey Things?

I've been getting more inquiries about lovey event photography, recently. Short answer: Yes, indeed., I do.

Longer answer: Before I began focusing on my photo-based artwork, I used to almost exclusively photograph weddings, with a tiny bit of portraits mixed in. I love seeing people unfold, getting lost in their best selves, playing, being all filled up with happy and lovey. But I'm kinda picky about what I photograph…and I tell you this for your benefit. It's not necessarily a "type" of person. It's more about what you're willing to share, and what you're hoping for that helps me decide if we're a great fit. If I don't think we are, I'll happily send you to someone who I think would light your photo dreams afire. 

I want us to "get" each other. I want to meet you before I photograph you. I want to know what makes you light up with laughter that makes your head lean back and look to the sky, or double over and send you into breathless, soundless, teary-eyed roars. I wanna know what makes you happy dance, and what makes you want to look at that special someone (or someones) in your life like they are the most amazing thing you've ever, ever, ever seen.

And so I also have been asked what a "typical wedding" might look like, if I was the documentarian. Here's what it might look like if you picked me for my artsy-ness, to be there for your ceremony and some formal-ish photos, and then set me loose to "do my thing".

Special thanks to The Bartees for letting me be their friend and storyteller.

And yep, I do photograph in color (I just turn my super favorites into Black and White):

Want me to photograph you and your love(s)? Here's my basic pricing info. Check it out, if you please. Then drop me a line. I photograph 5 weddings/big events per year.