Are you unplugging, tonight?

Sundown tonight begins the National Day of Unplugging. I decided to unplug tonight, for fun, and to devote face time to my family. I didn't realize how uneasy the buildup to the commitment would make me, or how used to being hyper-connected to my phone and computer I seem to be. I plan on unplugging fully, for 24 hours, but if I don't, I'm not going to beat myself up over it. Right now I'm almost stunned at how nervous tonight is making me…and I'm at the very least, moved by this realization. 

If the idea of turning off your phone sends you into cold sweats (as it does me), here are a few ideas to keep you engaged (should you choose to accept):

-Update your Bucket List/Wish List for Livin'. Each year, Jay and I make a new list of alll the things we want to do-from learning to cook certain foods, to drinking more water, to singing lessons, chasing a tornado or a great white shark, road trips, house cleaning or repairs, and the biggies like launching a new business, traveling to Fiji, going skydiving…and then every year, we schedule at least half of those goals into my planner…and consider them dates-set in stone, including breaking down mini steps like calling for tickets, reserving hotels, or printing out checklists/recipes/getting ingredients, etc.. It can be a fun way to dream together, and learn a little more about each other goals. 

-Get Outside. We got a ton of snow, over the past day or so. So we grabbed a bunch of flat surfaces and made a game out of which thing would make the best sled (for the record-none of them!). We had fun with the experiment, and then went on a "pretty tree hunt" and had a snowball fight. And during this adventure, I realized Parker (my daughter) says "girls" exactly the same way Tori Amos does when she sings "These Precious Things". And I added that to my list of things I love about my little. 

-Check out some of these lists I've pinned:

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Just you and your significant other/best friend? Stuff for you, too (also good ideas for date nights).

Since I've begun making this post, I can feel some of the edge fading away, knowing I won't be sitting on my hands, geeing about having "nothing to do". I feel more prepared and ready to really enjoy the potential. I think we'll make a fort tonight, and maybe play some games, read some books, cook together…if you're planning on unplugging, I'd love to know what you're going to do-or after sundown tomorrow, hop back on here and tell me what you did!