I have an idea...

This coming Thursday is two pretty great holidays, combined:

National High Five Day


National Get to Know Your Customers Day

If you like the idea of high fives, and you like yummy food, and you like documentary photography, and artsy photo ideas, then this Thursday could pretty much be the best day, ever.

I'd like to suggest a way to celebrate all of these things, if you'd like? Stop by Mango Latin Bistro (one of my very favorite local restaurants in Parkersburg, WV) this coming Thursday, between 2-5 pm, and check out my pop-up showcase/open house of new products and goodies. I'll have tiny slideshows of my favorite storytelling sessions, examples of printed storybooks (included in my storytelling sessions), and a bunch of ideas for how I can make artsy things for you-with absolutely no pressure. Truly.

If you stop in during my open house this Thursday, and give me a high five (so I know you read this), I'll hand over a no-strings 5.00 gift certificate to thee lovely Mango (I'm buying you a coffee or a snack). Even if you just stop in for that high five and a hello. 

Buut…if you book a storytelling session with me on the spot on Thursday (or a commissioned fine art piece), I'll happily buy you Mango dinner (you'll get a 25.00 gift certificate, with your scheduled booking). 

Support 2 local businesses at once, get a high five, and hang out for a bit. Warm up your high five-ing hand and I'll see you there!

*Pretty please keep in mind I only do one storytelling session per week. And pretty, pretty please don't take advantage of my love of loopholes, and try and get all the extra goodies with none to go around (one 25.00 certificate per booking). 

*Also, pretty pretty please replace the name "Rob" with "Michelle", and Rob's face with my face, and know I absolutely am the one who wants to give you a high five this Thursday at Mango. :)