What do You Want to Remember?

I'm so smitten with telling stories. At my open house/high five party last week, I had a slideshow playing of some of my favorite storytelling sessions, showing how by using my camera, I can connect small actions and interactions, and give such a rich look into a person's history. I think being able to see a series of images tell a narrative is maybe one of my favorite things in life. But I also know it's kinda tricky to imagine what that all means unless you're able to see the examples for yourself. Once people were able to see the way the images played together, they started sharing ideas that they thought might be good for their own stories…and it hit me: I've been hoping people would be as excited as I am, but how could they be if they couldn't see what I was able to see? 

So with that, I've decided to share lots more stories online, hoping people can see what has me all on fire and such. Here's a series from a family dinner (this awesome family gets together once a month to connect, celebrate and visit, and I LOVE it, so much!). More to come.

Want a storytelling session of your own? Let's get started, right now. Two spaces left in May.