What on Earth Am I Up To?

I got into a conversation with a friend over the weekend about what's happening in my life…and just this month, it's so wild, I couldn't even believe it. I figured the best way to share this revelation with everyone was to post it right here. So I bring to you, my travel and event schedule for May/June, 2015 (in case you wanna know when I'll be traveling around, need more info on photo sessions, and/or want to buy my artwork):

Wednesday, May 12: Pittsburgh Concert Field Trip 

Thursday-Saturday, May 7-9: Philadelphia Workshop (learning things)

Sunday, May 10: Mother's Day Photo Event at my church :) (photo sessions)

Monday-Thursday, May 11-14: Hot Tomato Photo Event in the Loft (photo sessions)

Saturday, May 16: Marietta Marketplace (selling my art, Marietta, OH)

Friday, May 22: Marietta Brewing Company Art on Tap Featured Artist (selling my art)

Friday, May 29: Nelsonville Concert Field Trip

And last but not least, I'm super happy to announce:

Friday-Tuesday, June 5-9: Three Rivers Arts Festival (selling my art, Pittsburgh, PA)

Hoping to see y'all around!