I don't often share...

color images, or images of live music, even though I do love creating them. I'm usually taking a live performance in with my eyes, and I just love how classic BW images are, to me. 

But when one of my favorite new bands ( Starset-see one of their videos, here ), who has become known for their tech-influenced, cinematic, rock music with prophetic lyrics and space-themed gear decides to host a Demonstration (a live performance, sharing their message) in a Long Island planetarium , to a light show created just for their music, my heart told me to drop everything and go see them. I'd just seen them perform the week before in Columbus, but this idea set me on musical and visual fire. I could only imagine how cool of a show this would be, and Starset exceeded my expectations. Because of the awesome energy and display during the performance, I just had to share some of my favorite images (yeah, some of them were still BW) I was lucky enough to capture.

Thanks Starset, for another great show. 

If you'd like photography of your band's live performances, a day-in-the-life documentary, or any work involving creatives, please get in touch with me