Portraits and People


Love, Families and Kiddos

Maybe it’s been a while since you had your last family photo taken. Maybe you’re afraid your kids (or even you) will be too wild, cranky, embarrasing or uncooperative. Michelle thrives around free spirits and in high-energy situations. Rest assured she will chase, play games with, sing songs with and patiently hang out for unexpected little events that often happen in family life.

Let’s face it: Love and family are wild and messy. Michelle loves to help you remember how beautiful that can be. Expect carefree, artfully composed images of the craziness of family and love.

Promo and Head Shots

Is it time to update (or even make your first) photo for your EPK, resume, profile or bio? Let Michelle help you make a professional, unique impression with promotional portraits or head shots. Capture you at your best self, and show the world why they need to hire you with new promo or head shot photography.

Bring your own ideas to the session, collaborate for a grand scheme, or leave it all to Michelle. These relaxed, natural light portraits blend a familiar comfort with a polished composition, and will leave potential leads wanting to work with you.

Senior Photos

Do you have (or are you) a senior that has their own style? Maybe they’re the creative one, the one that marches to the beat of their own drum, or has been called the “black sheep”. If you have (or are) a senior that expresses themselves in unique ways, they are probably a perfect match for Michelle. Michelle loves to showcase what your senior feels is unique, just to them. Props, cosplay, skateboards, music and musical instruments and any creative ideas are highly encouraged. Senior sessions can be a great collaboration where the student really has the chance to leave their mark, making a statement about this time in their lives.


Portraits and People