Weddings and Events



Michelle loves love. She’s been married for 15 years, and feels the keys to success in their marriage lie heavily in lots of laughter, space to evolve, and finding new ways to love each other as they grow in their marriage. Michelle loves talking with couples about why they are in love with each other, and prefers the glow of connection over that of Photoshop. Expect artistic, emotionally charged images, created on the fly.

Live Music

If you want to know where Michelle’s heart is most days, watch her photograph live music performances. The focused energy and honesty of musicians sharing their stories through songs, allowing themselves to connect with a room full of strangers, showcases a vulnerable power that she finds energizing and inspirational. Expect peak action shots and moments in between the songs that offer a documentary-style glimpse into the lives of some amazing performers.


While you’re enjoying the time of your life, and the event you worked so hard to create, Michelle will be right alongside you and the people you love, blending in seamlessly with the crowd, documenting the emotions of the day, and the key event highlights. You’ll wonder how she seems to be just about everywhere, and consistently provide a concise story of the day. It may help that she doesn’t use flash on her camera. It may also help that she can hit the ground running in pretty much any environment.


Weddings and Events